A ten week introductory course to the world of ceramic production and decoration. Exploring the nature and preparation of clay, glazes and decorative techniques.

We explore: Majolica, Agate ware, Mocha, Moorcroft and Wedgewood techniques, Historical techniques,  Pottery figures and sculpture.

Cost £170 (£17per session). Maximum Class sizes of 6. The courses run roughly from January-March, April-June. October-December. Normally Wednesday, but other times can be arranged depending on demand. They are our most popular course so book early.

What to expect

Our studio specializes in teaching ceramics in a holistic manner and offers instruction for those new to the world of ceramics. Classes are informal and are kept small to guarantee a significant time on the wheel for every student if they need it. Each supervised class is two hours long.

Beginners get grounding in pottery fundamentals. They learn how to centre clay, and how to throw, trim and glaze their pots. Generally, after one 10-week session, they can make and decorate mugs, bowls, and other basic forms.

More advanced students work on refining skills and decorating techniques. They learn how to make larger and more complex forms, and explore methods for altering thrown pots to create ovals and other shapes.

Wheel practise will start from the first week as this generally is the most difficult skill to master.

Week 1 Introduction to ceramics – design, construction and decoration process. preparing clay / pinch Pots.

Week 2 Coil work and using moulds

Week 3 Slab Work

Week 4 The wheel

Week 5 Elements of Sculpture, Mold casting

Week 6 Greenware techniques Impressing / Inlaying / Sprigs

Week 7 Slip Decoration / Stencils / Sgraffito/ Mocha

Week 8 Glazing and Under glaze techniques / resists

Week 9 Firing

Get a feel for the clay

Not sure if ceramics is for you? We provide informal drop-in sessions and workshops for absolute beginners, as well as our regular pottery club on Thursday afternoons. We supply materials, basic instruction and hands-on assistance. You get a feel for the clay and discover the thrill of creating objects for all purposes.

Making pots is a long process, from start to finish it may take several weeks for the whole process to be completed.

Price £170 10 Week course